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The Opening Band

The Opening Band doesn’t usually get the audience’s attention. The audience is not really and audience yet, just a bunch of people milling around, tailgating. The Opening Band works hard to put on a good show, just as hard as the Headliner. Writing, arranging and recording songs takes a ...

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Small Things Count. A Lot.

Marketing is pretty obvious if you sell consumer products like Procter & Gamble. The color of the Tide Detergent package, the fonts used, the material selected and the “feel” of the container in your hand are all functions of marketing. As is Tide’s  Loads of Hope Community Pr...

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The Future of Retail

It is no secret that retail is dying, and the biggest problem retailers have today is themselves. They want to do things the old way. The way that used to work. Lower prices are a race to the bottom. To bankruptcy. You can’t out-Walmart Walmart or out-Amazon Amazon. So what do retailers need? ...

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Take Action

Law: one of the best ways to relieve stress is to take action. You will be surprised at how a wildly intimidating project or situation becomes merely a challenge after a few well-placed hammer blows. Jump in with both feet. A couple of hours of focused work can change your world. Corollary to this L...

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Mrs. G. and I decided we were ready for a change and put our house up for sale. Annnnnnndddddd…nothing. We are priced right (of all people, I should know), but we have no takers, or even lookers for that matter. As always, I have a theory. Although the economy is strong and both employment and...

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