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Don’t Kill Yourself

Journaling, and its outgoing cousin, blogging, is one of the most helpful therapeutic devices available to the average person. I am a big fan. I use an online journal called Penzu because it works on all of my devices and I can even dictate on it when I am in the car. Plus it has […]

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What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Inside this little box are fresh, delicious, locally handmade candies and caramels. This box is a gift. And the recipient has no idea why they are special. Or who made them. Or how passionate they are about their craft. Or where to get more, for that matter. I guess the candy people just want to [&h...

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Meeting for a Living

We have all seen them. Perhaps you worked at one. Or work at one currently. My condolences. Huge, bureaucratic companies where no actual work gets done, unless you consider attending meetings to be work. Or preparing packages and presentations for meetings to be work. How did things get this way? Ho...

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A Little Time Off

Miss Karen and I are taking a little well-deserved R and R to visit some friends who recently bought a second home in Florida. My goal: enjoy it. Enjoy the quiet, enjoy the company, enjoy the scenery. The joke in the appraisal profession is that there is either not enough work (so we are up nights ...

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New Jersey Explained

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In Praise of the Garden State

Wow, a lot of people grouse about New Jersey. Constantly. It’s too congested. The taxes are too high. Everything is so expensive. All of these statements are true. But there is one distinct advantage to living in New Jersey: we are dead center in the Northeast megalopolis. That giant, connect...

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You Are Welcome

I assumed fulfilling my request was not a problem. Mostly because it is your job.

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We’ve Got Just the Thing for That

Miss Karen and I visited the Morgan Museum to see Drawn to Greatness, Master Drawings from the Thaw Collection. The exhibit had sketches from some great masters, but the work that intrigued me most was this one: It is called Fantastic Castle at Twilight. The artist, I was surprised to find, is Victo...

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Do the Impossible

I got a call from a gentlemen who owns a vacation home on the Jersey Shore. It seems that an undersized lot adjacent to his home is coming up for sale and he wanted to know what he should offer.* I was his second call. The first call to a residential appraiser who did a […]

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When is a Mistake Not a Mistake?

McDonald’s recently reintroduced Chicken Tenders, a crispy fried chicken breast treat. And promptly ran out of them. For an entire month. Because they were too popular. To make Chicken Tenders one must have chicken breast meat, batter (which is mostly flour, eggs and spices) and a deep fryer...

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Christmas Decorating Fail

In my defense, the wreath seemed secure.  

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We Are Not Rational Creatures

This week I spent several hours making telephone calls and sending messages to get automatic subscription charges removed from my company debit card. At my hourly rate this made absolutely no sense. I should have just let Pandora charge me $4.00 per month ad infinitum. We are not rational creatures...

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How Unique?

Answer Yes or No to the following: Is the work you do every day repetitive? Do you know the answer before you start? Can someone be trained to do what you do in a month or less? Is what you do something that any healthy adult can do? Does your work involve forms of any […]

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It’s Like Magic

When I regularly post blogs, the traffic on my website goes up. Dramatically. Calls for proposals also go up. Dramatically. The complexity and challenge of the work also goes up. Dramatically. Did the calls come from the same people that came to my website? I don’t think so. A desire to encour...

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Plus or Minus

Real estate appraisers use the term “plus or minus” and symbols like +/- a lot. It’s not that we don’t have confidence in what we are doing. It’s because we are reporting on and analyzing a market. A market in which every item is unique. It’s artscience.

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A Blessing

She can’t walk like other people. She has to throw her upper body back, and her gait is rocking, unsteady and tentative. It is awkward. And painful sometimes. Sometimes she is self conscious. But not today. He was a little fussy, but he stopped and stared at the kindly priest, dazzled by the l...

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On Winning

Winning isn’t the only thing, but it is the only thing that gets archived.

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A Dread Disease

I have an affliction. It is incurable. It was first identified by The Buddha, who called it Kapicitta. Today we call it monkey mind. The incessant chattering of internal monologue. Monkey Mind sufferers are easy to spot. They can’t sit still. They can’t finish a task. They walk into roo...

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Want To Feel Rich?

Give away money. Want to grow? Take a risk. Want to get better? Make a mistake. Want to make art? Risk embarrassment. Want gratitude? Visit a children’s hospital.

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Isn’t This How Culture Evolves?

An homage, a celebration, a shout out, a gesture of respect, admiration and appreciation is now potentially cultural appropriation? Isn’t this how art, music, film, food and culture evolves?  

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