The Best and the Worst

The best blogs or vlogs or art of any kind are an act of generosity. They offer a point of view, insight, encouragement, something interesting or even something beautiful. The worst try to sell you something: “And that’s how the Dalai Lama approaches conflict. And speaking of conflict, h...

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Be Jealous

You only get four, six if you are lucky. If part of what you sell is creative or problem-solving in nature, you may have noticed that the flow state required is not something you can keep up all day. The reality is that human beings can only sustain this level of deep work for about […]

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Victim of My Own Success

I have discussed this before, but I still marvel at the phenomenon. I blog daily. I love it. It makes my heart sing. Work gushes in. I mean gushes in. Like a fire hose. There is no cause and effect I can identify, but I end up tempted to give up blogging. The pressure to […]

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On Getting Better

To date I have published almost 300 blog posts. Recently, I started publishing a blogĀ  every day, seven days a week. And I love it. Writing is deeply fulfilling and I hope I can offer some encouragement, wisdom and insight. And maybe bring a smile. Maybe. It bothers me that my writing is often not ...

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You Can’t Force It

In his book, Willpower Doesn’t Work, Benjamin Hardy argues that creating environment, not the will to succeed, is the way to create new and positive habits. Let’s say that you want to write every day, which is, not coincidentally, a goal of mine. In the past I tried to force myself to wr...

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