What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Inside this little box are fresh, delicious, locally handmade candies and caramels. This box is a gift. And the recipient has no idea why they are special. Or who made them. Or how passionate they are about their craft. Or where to get more, for that matter. I guess the candy people just want to [&h...

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When is a Mistake Not a Mistake?

McDonald’s recently reintroduced Chicken Tenders, a crispy fried chicken breast treat. And promptly ran out of them.¬†For an entire month.¬†Because they were too popular. To make Chicken Tenders one must have chicken breast meat, batter (which is mostly flour, eggs and spices) and a deep fryer...

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It’s Like Magic

When I regularly post blogs, the traffic on my website goes up. Dramatically. Calls for proposals also go up. Dramatically. The complexity and challenge of the work also goes up. Dramatically. Did the calls come from the same people that came to my website? I don’t think so. A desire to encour...

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