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I created an email inbox in Outlook to park Blog ideas called Idea Bank. [I know, I am some creative guy]. The concept is simple: when I am in a conference or a meeting or driving and I get an idea, I send myself an email, and later drag and drop. It works well sometimes. Other […]

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Jeeves Was Probably Underpaid

I know it is a little odd, but as a youngster I had a fantasy of being a Gentleman’s Gentleman. Of serving and helping a great man, well, be great. Maybe this fantasy wasn’t so odd. After all, who wants the burden of being great themselves? Isn’t it better, safer and easier to bask...

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Stark Raving Fans

It is not enough to service your clients, or even to service them well. Whenever possible, go above and beyond. Make suggestions, deliver something extra, spend time, empathise, care. Put the proverbial bow on the box or the cherry on top of the sundae. Someone might be offended, but it is worth th...

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