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Phone Books

I am not old enough to remember party lines (I am not sure they were ever used in the densely populated New York Metropolitan area) but I do remember phone books. Now a relic ignored by all and probably threat to the environment, phone books were at one time revolutionary. Before the invention of t...

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I created an email inbox in Outlook to park Blog ideas called Idea Bank. [I know, I am some creative guy]. The concept is simple: when I am in a conference or a meeting or driving and I get an idea, I send myself an email, and later drag and drop. It works well sometimes. Other […]

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In Praise of the Garden State

Wow, a lot of people grouse about New Jersey. Constantly. It’s too congested. The taxes are too high. Everything is so expensive. All of these statements are true. But there is one distinct advantage to living in New Jersey: we are dead center in the Northeast megalopolis. That giant, connect...

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Isn’t This How Culture Evolves?

An homage, a celebration, a shout out, a gesture of respect, admiration and appreciation is now potentially cultural appropriation? Isn’t this how art, music, film, food and culture evolves?  

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I Don’t Mean to Complain, But…

This past Saturday was my 56th birthday. Not a particularly special birthday, but I had a lot of fun training to volunteer for the upcoming President’s Cup at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City. It was a golf nerd’s dream. During the course of the day, my Inbox swelled with well-w...

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