In Praise of the Garden State

Wow, a lot of people grouse about New Jersey. Constantly. It’s too congested. The taxes are too high. Everything is so expensive. All of these statements are true. But there is one distinct advantage to living in New Jersey: we are dead center in the Northeast megalopolis. That giant, connect...

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Do the Impossible

I got a call from a gentlemen who owns a vacation home on the Jersey Shore. It seems that an undersized lot adjacent to his home is coming up for sale and he wanted to know what he should offer.* I was his second call. The first call to a residential appraiser who did a […]

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It’s Like Magic

When I regularly post blogs, the traffic on my website goes up. Dramatically. Calls for proposals also go up. Dramatically. The complexity and challenge of the work also goes up. Dramatically. Did the calls come from the same people that came to my website? I don’t think so. A desire to encour...

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Want To Feel Rich?

Give away money. Want to grow? Take a risk. Want to get better? Make a mistake. Want to make art? Risk embarrassment. Want gratitude? Visit a children’s hospital.

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Three Words to Get Buy-In

If you are proposing an out-of-the-ordinary project, trip, event or place and need team buy-in, add these words: “A little adventure.” What man, woman or child can resist a little adventure?

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How exactly does one market professional services? I mean, we are not creating the iPhone here, some brand new gadget with intriguing design and features. Sometimes professionals feel like they are doing the same, or similar work, day in and day out. We are bound by sets of rules, accepted methods...

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What You Can Control

Here is what you can control: How you spend your time, one day at a time. Your attitude. The rest is out of your control. So don’t spend any time thinking about it.

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Old School

I know a guy who owns a lot of income-producing real estate, and he does everything wrong. All of his properties are in his personal name. Pleas by well-meaning lawyers to create single property LLC’s to protect his personal assets have fallen on deaf ears. He leases space based on monthly ren...

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Modern Marketing

The days of mass marketing are dead. Ok, maybe not for Proctor and Gamble or Ford, but it is dead for any business whose customer cannot be defined as, “a breathing human being.” Which is, if we are honest, most of us. There could be no larger waste of money for a small business with [&h...

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A Lot of My Cases Settle. And I am Proud of It.

It simply means that I have done my job. My work (and hopefully the work of my adversary) is well researched, accurate and reasonable. There is little to argue about. Minds meet and everyone has a nice lunch. Trials are often a waste of time. Both sides make their case and the decision ends up [&hel...

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Morning Is Too Precious

My mom never let us watch television in the morning when we were growing up. At the time it probably had to do more with getting us out the door on time than anything else, but as always, there was wisdom behind my mother’s many rules. In the past few months, sucked into politics like [&hellip...

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I’ll Pass….

I have never regretted passing on a piece of business. However, I have deeply regretted taking on a piece of business.

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Protect the Asset

When you hear the term Protect the Asset, what do you think? Security systems? Insurance? Wealth Management? Form an LLC? I suggest to you, fellow professional, that it is all in your head. More specifically, your brain. Your brain will make you millions of dollars over the course of your career. I...

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Everybody Looks Good at the Starting Line

One fine day last summer I was listening to Radio Margaritaville on SiriusXM when a song by Paul Thorn called Everybody Looks Good at the Starting Line came on the car radio. It is a fun, bluesy song and I drummed the steering wheel for all I was worth. But as I listened I realized […]

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Question Your Way to Success

I am on the Superprimo plan on Audible, so I am always pleasantly surprised that I some credits for “free” audio books waiting for me when I log in. On a lark, I downloaded The Magic Question: How To Get What You Want in Half the Time by Bart A. Baggett. The concept of affirmation has [...

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The Appraiser Prosperity Coalition is seeking to level the playing field. I think they should just change fields.

I recently received an email request for a donation to the Appraiser Prosperity Coalition. I was not familiar with the organization, but I took some time to read up on who they are and what they are trying to accomplish. What I found was a group of well meaning residential mortgage appraisers fighti...

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Semi-Random Thoughts on Success and Happiness

Want success and happiness? Do these things: Smile. Say thank you. Be responsive. Be friendly. Take a personal interest in your coworkers and clients. Stick to your knitting. Not all work is right for you. Develop a list of professionals you trust and refer, refer, refer. The client you refer will b...

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Some Recommendations

As you know, The Ol’ Prophet is keen on technology and productivity. Here are some recommendations that may help you get more connected and efficient: ToDoist This little gem of a Task Manager is worth its weight in gold. ToDoist works on all platforms: Apple iOS (there are iPhone and iPad app...

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Most of the time we are busy, happily buzzing along, getting things done, doing our work, taking care of our families. But let’s face it – we don’t take enough time off. “Time off! Are you out of your head? The Johnson project is due next week. One kid has a recital and the o...

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Know Thyself

Gagliano & Company is a small business. A boutique firm, if you will. There are only three of us: Miss Sophia, Office Administrator, bookkeeper, preparer of paperwork and utility fielder; Miss Kim, Researcher extraordinaire, datakeeper, spreadsheeter and report ninja; and Yours Truly, the Wearer...

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