The Work You Want

After the startupworkgrab, you know, the first months or years when a new business will take any paying work, there has to be a time of self reflection. You now have some data and you need to ask yourself some questions. I suggest that you pose these questions as negatives: What work is the least [&...

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Here’s the Good News

Do you feel like you are not getting anywhere? Like you are spinning your wheels? Like you keep revisiting the same problems over and over? We, the self-employed, the creatives, the freelancers, the sales people, have all been there. It can be discouraging. Here’s the good news: You know more...

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Hum a Few Bars and I Will Fake It

If you are not familiar with the phrase, Hum a Few Bars and I Will Fake It, you are probably under 40 years old. I am not sure of its origins, but it was uttered by a deeply experienced musician who, with just a hint as to the melody of a song, could play the song […]

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Victim of My Own Success

I have discussed this before, but I still marvel at the phenomenon. I blog daily. I love it. It makes my heart sing. Work gushes in. I mean gushes in. Like a fire hose. There is no cause and effect I can identify, but I end up tempted to give up blogging. The pressure to […]

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My Peeps

I got thinking about who I want to reach with this blog. Through the process of elimination I decided that it was not “entrepreneurs” or “steadies.” If an entrepreneur is someone who makes money while they sleep, whose goal is to scale and sell an asset, I don’t think I...

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