Where Is the Modern Coffeehouse Scene?

Where is the modern Algonquin Round Table where artists and thinkers from a variety of disciplines come together to discuss big ideas? Where are the coffeehouses of Vienna where the likes of Jung, Freud, Zweig, Klimt, Loos and Adler would get together and toss about some bon mots? Where are the non-...

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On Choosing Oneself

The age of the internet has spawned a new way of thinking. No longer do you have to wait to be cast, signed, published or discovered. You can publish your own e-book, shoot and edit a comedy video, or perform, mix and release a bluegrass song. Probably the first person to express this sentiment was ...

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Everything Old Is New Again

I recently learned of an online dating site called Bumble. Bumble bills itself as a feminist dating site, because only women can initiate a conversation. Huh, I thought, Bumble nothing new. It is an electronic Sadie Hawkins Dance.* A prize to anyone under 30 who knew what a Sadie Hawkins Dance was w...

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