Reflections on Santa Claus

When we were kids in the 1970s our dad brought us out to lunch at the Rum Runner restaurant in Sea Bright on Christmas Eve Day. The Gagliano Family hosted the big Christmas Eve Dinner, so dad took us out to give mom a respite. We were a bit of a handful in those days. [...]

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Going Up!

The latest trend in New York City - Schools and Libraries in need of renovation are instead offering the land they sit on to developers. The developers bid on the land with the understanding that they can build a high-rise and lease or sell apartment units on the upper floors (consistent with zoning, of course), but the lower floors are to be [...]

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A New and Improved Jersey Shore

I attended the 2013 Annual Redevelopment Law institute Seminar sponsored by the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education (NJICLE for short) yesterday. Two important takeaways: Section f and Incentive Zoning. Section f is a little used section of the New Jersey Redevelopment Law that allows municipalities to name certain areas "in need of redevelopment" if [...]

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Transit Villages

I recently had the opportunity to interview Ann Babineau, Esq., CRE about her practice in redevelopment and asked her about trends in the industry. She said that most of her current work is in two categories: Transit Villages and Brownfields. Transit Villages are residential developments at a transportation hub, most often a train station. The concept is an [...]

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