It occurred to me recently that the real game-changer in energy won't be the development of new or more efficient sources of energy. The problem with power distribution is that it has to produced on demand - solar panels are useless at night, so another source of power has to be engaged during those hours. [...]

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No Pollyanna

For the record, I am no Pollyanna. Every day I post news items on LinkedIn and Twitter that I think are important. I am objective in my choice of articles. Cross my heart. But I can't ignore the cold, hard  facts: Sign of Spring on Pay: Real Wage Growth Spring Thaw Has Companies Hiring Again [...]

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Nozbe To Do App

My ace Research Assistant, Miss Kim and I have struggled with tracking our projects and communicating our progress. For years we used the Task List in Microsoft Outlook, but we found it limited and sometimes the automatic updating was not so automatic. After reading Getting Things Done by David Allen and at the prompting of [...]

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The Amazon of Pants

Online retailer Bonobos, not to be confused with the eponymous simian, wants to be the Amazon of Pants. Men's pants, specifically. [I perused the Bonobos website. They indeed have a wide variety of men's pants. If you live in the West Village. Of if you are built like Adam Scott. The actor or the golfer, take your [...]

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Data Centers and their Cloudy Future

The concept of cloud computing has gained wide acceptance in the past several years. In order to meet the growing demand for server space, data centers have sprung up like weeds. Data centers are any building used to house a large number of internet servers. Certain minimum power levels and access to high speed internet [...]

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Tech Buzzwords Defined

I have been keeping up with tech news lately and it occurred to me that there is a whole new language that many of us over 40 really don't understand. So in the interest of bringing the generations together, I have developed the following lexicon of tech buzzwords for easy reference: New Word: Consume Content [...]

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