If It Makes You Happy

What makes you happy and gives you peace? Interesting, engaging work? A parade of new clients? Several months backlog? Money in the bank? (Maybe not a lot, but enough). Decide. And then do everything in your power to make the most important thing happen. Being self-employed is tough. You deserve it.

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A Recommendation

Set you DVR and record the 2003 Daredevil move starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. It is an overlooked and often maligned film but is one my favorites: the Daredevil character is compelling and the cast includes some great actors: Jon Favreau, Joe Pantoliano, Colin Farrell and (the sadly missed) Michael Clark Duncan. Check it [...]

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Now We Are the Bad Guys

Spending the annual long weekend on the cruise ship on land called Woodloch Pines. In our first years here, the kids, all 11 of them, were little. As a team we didn't stand a chance against the families with older kids. They were too fast and they were better at trivia than our brigade of [...]

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The Value of Imagination

"I walk around my house sometimes. It's a really nice house, I like it a lot. And I think to myself, 'My imagination created all of this'". - Quentin Tarantino

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Gratitude makes everything better because gratitude, without fail, serves to improve our attitude. And isn't our attitude what really matters? How many apparently unhappy people do you see driving very expensive cars? Or complaining that their soup is too cold? Or too hot? How many times do we grumble about our lot in life just [...]

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The (Echo Boomer) Kids are Alright

In my recent post, Kid Power!, I wrote about the Echo Boomers, the children of the Baby Boomers, now age 18 to 31, and the largest generation in U.S. history. I recently became an Adjunct Professor at Monmouth University where I teach in the Kislak Real Estate Institute with Don Moliver, PhD., MAI, CRE. There are [...]

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So Where Is Jersey Shore Real Estate Going After Sandy?

I have received a number of inquiries about appraising Jersey Shore properties that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy for casualty loss under Internal Revenue Service Rule 165. Thus far, I have not taken on any of these projects. I am not going to lie to you, this has ticked off some clients. Let's start from [...]

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Commodity Pricing

Repeat After Me: “I, (state your name), am not a commodity. I offer unique and valuable services. My clients (customers) benefit greatly from my skills and experience.” Avoid commoditization. If you allow yourself to become the human equivalent of a bushel of corn there is only one way your income can go: down. I can’t emphasize [...]

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