If someone claims to have a “surefire” marketing/sales system, walk the other way. Here’s why:

  1. The system is unlikely to be a fit for your business. Or for you personally.
  2. The system will force you to do and say things that are unnatural for you. Even if she is not conscious of why, a potential customer will be put off.
  3. The system will likely include hackneyed and dated tools (like telemarketing scripts!) and may not be at all viable in today’s wired world.
  4. If the system includes social media, think about how you feel when someone is “selling” something on Facebook or Twitter. Yuck. Click. Delete.

The problem (and greatest thing in world) is that small business success is driven by uniqueness. People who pursue “systems” are avoiding. Avoiding the truth that you have no choice but to be unique. You will never succeed as a commodity. The people digging coal, growing wheat and trading frozen orange juice have a huge head start and way more capital than you.

To get that uniqueness out in the world and get a response back is hard work and emotionally risky. You can get hurt, you can be criticized. So what? Express yourself. Let them talk. Gold watches are gone and the world has been reshaped. The only safe place today is the risky place.