I got a call from a friend. My physician, actually. One of his employees was trying to buy a house and was getting into fine physical condition from all the hoops the lender was making her jump through. Her legs were never firmer. The latest vault? The bank needed a certification that a fuel oil tank was removed and that there was no contamination.

I called Miss Karen, who recommend that I call a gentleman of our  acquaintance who is a home inspector. Surely he would know the right professional for the job.

Armed with my computer and Google, I went looking for this guy. And…nothing. No website. No LinkedIn or Facebook profile. Nothing.

After about 15 minutes of fruitless searching, I gave up. I called an (easily found) engineer friend who gave me a great referral in about 30 seconds.

Deep breath. Okay, so what are the possibilities?

  • The home inspector has tinnitus and ringing telephones hurt his ears.
  • He has the world’s greatest “velvet rope” marketing plan.
  • He has fallen and he can’t get up.
  • He is in the witness protection program.
  • He is concerned about his privacy and often wears a tin foil hat to fully protect it.
  • He is a hopeless Luddite. Refers to his refrigerator as “the icebox”.

Really, there is no excuse. For no money you can be on LinkedIn or Facebook or MySpace, if it still exists. For no money you can have a WordPress blog. For very little money you can have a website with your own domain name. I checked: AwesomeHomeInspector.com is available.

Can you be found? Go Google yourself and find out.

And tell me what happened.