Birthday Girl and Good Sport Miss Karen and I had an opportunity to get some formal (and fun) firearms and self defense training at Brick Armory, which is located in Lakewood (?). I guess “Lakewood Armory” didn’t have the same ring to it.

The proprietors, Milton and Jaime Rivera, both NRA-certified instructors were thorough, thoughtful and friendly – great teachers and great people. The group, assembled by my buddy Barry Rizzo the Younger, was enthusiastic, open and eager to learn.

We got a chance to fire handguns, both revolvers and semi-automatics, and even “search” a hallway and take out a zombie bad guy.  Awesome!

In these settings, I am always pleasantly surprised by the reaction of the ladies. With careful and detailed instruction, guns are demystified, quickly become objects of curiosity, and soon are sought-after toys. Miss Karen’s biggest disappointment of the day was that she did not get a chance to shoot an AK-47, a gun she had previously considered “too scary”.

Don’t worry, honey, we will be back. 🙂