You may not be familiar with the initials ACC. ACC is Anthropogenic Climate Change, more commonly called Man-Made Global Warming.

There are a lot of people who are deeply and sincerely concerned about the effects of ACC, and rightfully so. The stakes are high.

Without taking a side, however, it is clear that ACC supporters have a marketing problem.

For example, it doesn’t help the ACC cause when:

  • Their supporters can be kinda, well, hysterical;
  • Their supporters treat skeptics like they are ignorant yahoos;
  • Some of their leaders are easily-identified hypocrites;
  • They make claims of dire consequences by a date certain, and nothing happens;
  • They make statistical claims that are demonstrably false;
  • There are suspicions that some of their supporters in the scientific community fudge the data;
  • Their projected funding is off the charts. The Energy Transitions Commission demanded $15 trillion in funding earlier this year, which is more than every country’s GDP except the United States;
  • Many of their solutions call for “forceful public policies.”

How to turn it all around?

I am not sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to make the call to action really simple:

Plant a Tree.