I view my career as a marathon. I plan to work until I am not physically able. Alternatively, I plan to die in my sleep or while having sex.

In order to accomplish this goal it became clear to me that it is imperative that I take care of my body. I go to the doctor every October (it just worked out that way) and dutifully schedule any tests he recommends, no matter how repulsive and ghastly. You know what I mean.

Most importantly, I try to get in some sort of physical activity every day. I realize that hitting golf balls on a range appears to be exercise of the mildest variety, but I assure you that I break a sweat after 100+ balls in an hour. Which leads me to believe that I may not have the right temperament for golf.

I tried lifting weights, but I kept getting micro tears in my chest and shoulders, which are by no means serious, but they were nagging and forced me to take time off.

If you are searching for just the right thing, may I suggest yoga. Get past the Eastern religious themes, the new age music (which I like) and the incense (also like) and you have a workout that combines flexibility, strength, balance and mental calm through controlled breathing. And no injuries if you don’t do anything dumb. And the people are really nice. And spandex. Lots of spandex. A cardio benefit, if you will.

My point is this: if you plan to have a long career being a weekend warrior may not be enough, and it may actually work against you. Give your (extremely valuable) brain a rest and let your body do some work for a change.

Your results may vary.