How exactly does one market professional services? I mean, we are not creating the iPhone here, some brand new gadget with intriguing design and features.

Sometimes professionals feel like they are doing the same, or similar work, day in and day out. We are bound by sets of rules, accepted methods and client expectations.

Stifling, right?

Not necessarily. Think about the Rolling Stones. They have been together as a band for 55 years. Their catalog includes well over 400 original songs. Yes, they have toyed with different genres over the years, but their songs are usually no more than three or four chords and almost always follow the traditional 12-bar blues format.

That’s a lot of creativity and success despite a rigorous set of self-imposed limitations.

It’s the you in your work that is important. Your empathy. Your generosity. Your thoughtfulness. Your insight.

Trust me, your clients want more of you.

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