I got thinking about who I want to reach with this blog. Through the process of elimination I decided that it was not “entrepreneurs” or “steadies.”

If an entrepreneur is someone who makes money while they sleep, whose goal is to scale and sell an asset, I don’t think I know one personally. I know people who have accumulated assets and manage their money, but no true entrepreneurs. I will let you know if I spot one in the wild.

The rest of the people are steadies. They have a stable, repetitive job with government or some other large organization. I decided long ago that this was not for me.

So who am I trying to reach?

People like me, of course. Small business persons, consultants, freelancers and other professionals that eat what they kill. Oh sure, they may have a guise, an air of belonging to a firm, but they are really independent. Many lawyers, accountants and salespeople fall into this category.

This is a large group of people. Really most of the people I know. They live by their wits and by old-fashioned hard work, trying to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

They take pride in their work, their craft, and treat their customers and clients with fairness, empathy and good will. They love their country, their community and their family. They are ethical, honest and trustworthy. They are modest and kind.

Most of all, they are resilient. They have to be. It’s a tough world out there.

They are my peeps.