Of all the apps and software around, one of my all-time favorites is Roboform. Roboform is a secure website login and form-filling software that offers the greatest feature of all – one password to remember.

Each time you register or create a login on a website, Roboform asks if you want to save the settings. Roboform can also generate hard-to-crack passwords (that you don’t have to remember!) and store personal information (social security numbers, secret question answers, lock combinations) in Roboform Safenotes. Best of all Roboform syncs to all of my devices and on the web. All for $9.95 per year.

I have been using Roboform for years now and I can attest to its security and reliability.

So ditch those sticky notes on your monitor today (which everyone including the cleaning people and your nosy coworkers can see) and opt for a truly elegant solution – Roboform.