In my profession I have had the pleasure of touring some fabulous homes. Putting aside stunning views, Versaille-esque landscaping and simply massive structures, many of these homes also have incredible amenities. But what was once uber-luxurious has now become relatively commonplace in high end homes. Here some examples:

  • Gourmet kitchens
  • Bathrooms with every bedroom
  • His and hers water closets and bidets
  • Whirlpool and bubbling bathtubs
  • Steam showers
  • Massive walk-in closets
  • Exotic wood and stone finishes
  • Paneled studies and bars
  • Wine cellars
  • Screening rooms
  • Pool houses with built-in kitchens
  • Electronically controlled lighting
  • Fitness rooms
  • Outdoor fireplaces

One can get jaded, but even I am occasionally surprised. Here are some nifty home improvement ideas if you have several million dollars burning a hole in your pocket:

  • Fully-equipped DJ booth, situated in an alcove above the great room. You know, for the kids.
  • Professional beauty salon. For one’s weekly blowouts.
  • Indoor basketball court. For a kid never going to the NBA.
  • Indoor pistol range. Because one can’t be too careful.
  • Leather floor coverings. From one really big cow.
  • Walk-in humidor. In case Fidel Castro or Rush Limbaugh stops by.
  • Bowling alley(s) with electronic scoring. How does 10 pins times 10 frames equal 300? 
  • A Catholic chapel. Pews, kneelers, altar, devotional candles – the works. I wondered if there was priest on staff.
  • Replica 1950s diner counter complete with soda fountain. And Jerk.
  • Massage room. Or at least a room with a massage table in it.
  • Step-in dog wash station in the mudroom. Also good for small children.
  • Outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. Remember when you were a kid? Outdoor pizza just tastes better.

My favorite amenity to date? A honest-to-goodness English Butler. I thought they were extinct.

What are some of the over-the-top home amenities that you have seen? Send them to me and I will compile a list for a new post!

– Bob Gagliano

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